with people loving you unconditionally when you are far from loving yourself, it becomes easier to convince yourself that the “you” is still in there somewhere, you just have to hang around to find it.
— 2016

My life was saved when writing my story, and now I feel called to help you write YOUR own story. 

What's the "big deal" with writing?

I'm SO glad you asked!

Journaling and writing for reflection strengthens our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

  • enhances creative self-expression
  • improves our willpower
  • helps us to understand complex issues
  • promotes self-awareness and mindfulness 
  • improves memory
  • reduces stress
  • writing about uncomfortable emotions helps to lessen their intensity

What makes your mentoring different than the rest? How is it unique?

It is writing-focused, and a focus on helping those who struggle with social anxiety or self-expression.

From my experience

Writing is an individual tool. You do not need to share your writing with others to receive the benefits. However, when writing about confusing life events, or overwhelming emotions, it can be even more beneficial to have a non-judgmental reader guide and support you. 

My ideal mentee, is 

  • dealing with high school/college stress
  • wanting to build their self-esteem
  • willing to go in depth to fully understand who they are
  • shy in nature
  • feeling alone with their anxiety
  • someone who typically puts up a wall, and wants to be more open with themselves and others

who else can benefit from my mentorship ?

Ever feel like you need to talk to someone, but don't know who to turn to?

Do you feel as though you're not being heard, or are misunderstood?

Ever feel like you will "bother" someone if you do reach out?

Do you believe your problems "aren't big enough" or are too "stupid" to share?


The thing is ..

Feelings are feelings. They are valid, and never stupid. There is no wrong way to feel.
This limiting belief comes from:
1) comparing ourselves to others
2) our wise mind battling our irrational mind

How will this work?

Through online communication, occasional video calls, and unconditional support.

  • will believe in you, even when you doubt yourself. I already do.
  • I will dedicate my time to your words. As much or as little as you feel comfortable sharing.
  • I will challenge you to self-reflect through assigned journal prompts to meet your needs.
  • I will be an active listener.

Interested? Shoot me a brief message with your name, and what about this jumped out at you. If you aren't sure- that's perfectly fine too :-) I will get back to you right away with more details! 

disclaimer: This is not a form a counseling. This is not to replace in-person counseling, or any form of treatment. I am not a mental health professional, though I intend to be someday. Therefore, this is not the place to turn if you are in crisis. I will respect your confidentiality. As a social work major, and an intuitive and empathetic being, I am confident I have the tools and heart to be a proper mentor/coach/peer leader. This mentorship is for educational purposes and peer leadership.