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This site is authentically me. I am honest, vulnerable, and I hope to inspire others to leave their comfort zone and share their own story.

site intentions:

to spread awareness

(and perspective) that everyone has their struggles. Be kind to people, always. 

to shut down the stigma

surrounding mental illness by educating others.

to connect

with other empaths, highly sensitive individuals (HSP), and other INFJ types. 

to guide

others to live their best life, a life of acceptance, as the person they already are. 


My name is Haley and I am so glad you've found me here! 

I am a mental health + personal growth blogger, a social work student (Boston, USA), reiki level II certified, and an ambassador for Worth Living.

I am not your average 20 year old. I am an intuitive, old soul. In fact, I never felt like I "fit in" and I am just beginning to be OK with that. 


my story


I grew up in a small, rural New England town of farms and family-owned businesses.

I was an intuitive, and highly sensitive child.

I was attuned to almost everything. I was quiet, but I observed intently, and would feel things overwhelmingly.

Growing up, I was taught that some things are nobody's business. That we should keep things private. Whether it was a complex family situation, our financial status, etc, I wasn't to share a word. For most of my life, I listened, but I applied this to everything I would do.

I never enjoyed being noticed, and this was one way I knew I wouldn't be. When big things happened at home, I went to school with a smile on my face because it was nobody's business. But as I got older "keeping things private" seemed less to do with entitlement, but a fear of vulnerability becoming visible.

I realized that many of us paint a picture (hypothetically) of how we want others to see us. We remove the imperfections, we share the best parts of ourselves, and hope no one will notice the rest.


As a child, I would write stories, and spend most of my time in the woods behind my house. My teachers had always told my parents I was "a quiet girl", but truly my mind was always busy. I had so many thoughts, so many questions, so much I noticed, so much to say, but where should I start? 

At home, I was always singing, dancing, highly animated.

I would climb trees wearing dresses with rips in my tights. I had imaginary friends, and I was fascinated with books on fairies.

I have always been very clear about who I am and what makes my soul shine. If my mom saw something in a store she would say "this is very Haley!" A video of another person doing something silly or dancing around looking like a fool, "that's very Haley." 

I was very expressive, my facial expressions, my body language, my voice. My grandmother would tell my mother, "you gotta throw that kid in a play!" But at school, or in front of a large group, I was anxious, I was quiet, I preferred not to be noticed. I actually dreaded being noticed.

On the school bus, I would look out the window, looking forward to dropping my backpack on my dining room floor. I would take off for the woods with my journal in my hand. 

So, those pictures I mentioned- which people are always painting-

I painted my own picture, too.

I tried not to.

I never knew why.

Why I was seen to be two completely different people in and out of closed doors. 

It may sound odd to some, but I grew up with this feeling, or knowing, that I was here for something big. I have always been future-oriented and a big dreamer because of it. When self-doubt and overwhelming emotions crept in, I felt thrown off course.

I know what it feels like to believe the ground is breaking beneath you.

I am no stranger to

  • Anxiety

  • Chronic Pain/Illness

  • Depression

  • Grief

  • Trauma

I have dedicated to my life to healing, after a mental health hospitalization in 2016

My healing came with a bout of resilience, and major realizations of how I fit in this world.

Just like my childhood, I was told that "nobody needs to know" what happened to me. My hospitalization for my mental health was a private, personal matter.

I disagreed.

What if my honesty, my story could help another find their own healing?

& that is why I'm here :)

Since then...

  • I honor my inner child by bringing my love for nature and writing back into my life.

  • I try not to hide anymore. I express myself by writing my story.

  • My awareness of my sensitivity has given me the tools to thrive, and feel more in control. I have been an empath, a highly sensitive person (HSP), for as long as I can remember. Because of this, I can feel overwhelmed, and overstimulation in certain environments.

  • I continue to educate myself on the mind+body connection.

& I encourage others to write (share) their own story by living authentically. 

"VeryHaley" in other words, this is me

Be the "very" version of YOU. I promise, you are worth it. 


yes! let's connect!